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 Spring 2018 Online Registration  

Birth Year Divisions: 

U5 = 2013  U6 = 2012

 U7 = 2011  U8 = 2010

 U9 = 2009  U10 = 2008

 U11 = 2007  U12 = 2006   U13 = 2005  

(Any 2005's that are 7th graders are welcome to play CASA this spring)



Player Registration Instructions

Step by Step Instructions Here

Please mark that you are interested in COACHING during your PLAYER registration process.  We will email you the state background link.

Click REGISTRATION BUTTON at the top of the page to BEGIN.


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Additional Registration / Division / Coaching information can be found at


If you have questions during registration process, please send a text message or call Registrar at 605-280-1561. 


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