Impact United Soccer Club


To begin, click on Registration tab above

Please have your "player assignment code" ready.
*if you do not have one, contact your team administrator.

Have your method of payment ready for use.
*An echeck is $5 per payment, while a credit card will be charged 3.1% per payment.

All NEW players to competition soccer will need a form of legal documentation of birth.  
Please be prepared to upload your birth documentation as part of registration.
*The wallet size birth certificate is no longer a valid form of 

EVERY player needs to have a new photo every year.  Please upload a photo (head shot only) as part of the registration process.  This photo needs to be clear, of just your player only, no silly faces, no glasses, no hats, and no animals included. If the uploaded photo is not appropriate, it will be deleted, and your player cannot play until it has been replaced, as the roster used is a photo roster.

For more information about Impact United, please visit our website at

 If you have any questions or problems with this system, 
please call the Tech Support at 1-888-211-3444



All winter training fee's, Coach fee's & UYSA fees are included in your total registration fees.

Team fees will be collected separately by team for tournaments & winter leagues.

Please see for the fee matrix

Fee's can be paid in full or up to 6 monthly installments

E-Check or Credit Card payment accepted

E-check fee is a flat $5 fee

A 3.1% convenience fee is applied for all card payments